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Aluminium Profiles in the Lighting Industry

Lighting Industry

Suppliers of aluminium profiles to the Lighting Sector

Walk in to any large office or shop and you are likely to see examples of lighting utilising aluminium extrusions in their design. Apart from overhead general linear room lighting you will find extrusions used in illuminated signage, shelving and cabinet displays.

We’ve been supplying and stockholding standard and bespoke aluminium profiles to the lighting industry since 2005. Lighting designers have long appreciated the benefits of using lightweight aluminium combined with almost limitless design capabilities of the extrusion process to realise their ideas. With the advent of LED technology it has also been important to accommodate heat dissipation. Aluminium’s thermal properties along with the ability to design in heat sinking fin features makes aluminium extrusions the perfect choice for LED housings.

Benefits of aluminium profiles in the Lighting Industry

We have already mentioned above some of the benefits of using aluminium extrusions. We should not forget the variety of finishes available coupled with aluminium’s low maintenance properties make it a very attractive proposition. Whether it is sleek satin anodised or bright reflective or powder coated in a variety of colours there is a finish suitable for even the most demanding lighting designer.

  • Strength and durability
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Design Flexibility including heat dissipating features
  • Diverse surface and finishes
  • Recyclability

Applications for aluminium Extrusions in the lighting sector
Linear LED lighting, cabinet displays, illuminated shelving, spot lights, emergency lighting and lighting track.

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