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Aluminium Finishing


Anodised extrusions have a thicker layer of aluminium oxide than raw aluminium. This provides the aluminium surface greater protection and is more durable. The thickness of anodising required will depend on the extrusion’s application. Anodising often involves an acid pre – etch treatment which gives the section a uniform satin like appearance . Colour dies can also be added to the process which provides the combination of aesthetically pleasing colours with enhanced surface protection. Anodising is often used for applications such as patio doors, office partitioning, electrical components, lighting and advertising display.

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This finish provides a decorative coating that is resistant from chips or scratches. Plus the almost infinite range of colours, including aluminium wood finish effects, means powder coating is ideal for applications such as patent glazing, window frames, window blinds, conservatories, advertising display signs and many more. 

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Aluminium Finishing

Why is aluminium finishing required?

Why is aluminium finishing required when the appearance and exterior quality of aluminium in its natural state is often fit for purpose? Why is a supplementary finish required? Below we briefly explain why. However if you are unsure, contact our customer service team who are on-hand to answer your questions.

Aluminium finishing is usually required for two main reasons:

  • To enhance the extrusions durability
  • To make it more visually appealing

Two of the most common aluminium finishing processes for enhancing the appearance of aluminium or enhancing its corrosion resistance are Anodising and Powder Coating. Which process you use is usually dependent on the final application of your extrusion.

As well as our extrusion finishing capabilities we also source the very best aluminium extrusion fabrication services from our well established partners. We continually invest in the very latest extrusion kitting and assembly equipment. This ensures we can project manage our customers’ aluminium profile specifications from start to finish leaving the customer to focus on the core elements of their business. All under one-roof.

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