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Aluminium Powder Coating

Aluminium Powder Coating

Aluminium powder coating is the application by electrostatic spray of a thermasetting powder which, when cured, flows to form a visually attractive and hard wearing finish to your aluminium profile. In summary the powder particles melt and fuse to the aluminium creating a hard shell. The powder costing process has many benefits.

The powder coating process
The powder coating process is very similar to a liquid painting process except that the paint is a dry powder. A mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin make up the powder which is electrostatically sprayed onto the aluminium extrusion. The powder sticks to the surface due to the electrostatic charging of the powder. The powder flows and cures during the application of heat in a curing oven. This results is a durable, uniform and attractive finish for your custom profile.

Aluminium powder coating colour choices
Aluminium powder coating colours can be chosen from the extensive RAL ( www.ralcolor.com ) or BS (www.e-paint.co.uk/BS_Colourchart.asp) colour ranges in matt, satin or high gloss. We can also match colours to any customer specification in flat, metallic or textured finishes.

Applications of powder coating extrusions
Due to its visual appearance and durability, aluminium powder coated extrusions are often used in the following applications : patent glazing, office partitioning, window blinds, roof lights, dry lining profiles and many more.

Attributes of our aluminium powder coating:

  • An almost limitless range of colours are available in a variety of finishes from matt to high gloss. We can also colour match your existing parts. Did you know you can also have a wood finish?
  • Coatings can include antibacterial, low friction, ultra-thin, anti-graffiti as well as decorative and textured finishes
  • Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading and wearing than most other finishes. Colours stay bright and vibrant longer
  • Should any damage take place over the lifespan of your product powder coated finishes can be repaired with a liquid coating that can accurately match the original coating

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