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Aluminium Facts

Aluminium Facts

As a leading UK supplier of Aluminium Extrusions we know a thing or two about Aluminium. Here we’ve compiled a list of 10 interesting Aluminium Facts. For further advice or information on aluminium extrusions, call us on 01275 879995.

  • It is the most abundant metal found naturally on Earth
  • Australia is the leading producer of the worlds aluminium
  • Aluminium is fully recyclable
  • Recycling uses only 5% of the energy needed to produce aluminium from its ore Bauxite
  • In the 1850’s aluminium was more valuable than Gold ! A bar of aluminum was even exhibited at the Paris Exhibition in 1855. In 1852 it was priced at $1200 per Kg while gold was a paltry $664 per Kg. Over the next 40 years science helped discover better ways of isolating and then producing aluminium. So much so that by 1895 aluminium was priced at $1.20 per Kg !
  • The energy you save by recycling single aluminium can will run a TV for 3 hours
  • In 1996 recycling aluminium saved enough energy to power the city of Pittsburgh for over 6 years
  • Two-thirds of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today !
  • Aluminium conducts heat more than six times better than stainless steel. This makes it a great choice for heat sinks which drain away heat from critical electronics like a processor
  • Eros, the famous statue in London’s Piccadilly Circus is made of aluminium. Unusual for a statue unveiled in 1893. The statue is actually of Anteros, Eros’s brother but that is another story…..

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